Carrying Out Expert Car Repairs in Ruislip, Middlesex

For best-in-class car repairs, look no further than the services offered by Swallows. Based in Ruislip, Middlesex, our skilled team of automotive experts carry out specialised Jaguar™ repairs alongside services tailored to Aston Martin™ cars.

Extensive Repair Services

Repairs of every kind are offered in our extensive, well-equipped workshop. Friendly and professional, our team is dedicated to catering their services to the needs of each customer.

Vehicle Diagnostics

To begin, we’ll carry out an extensive vehicle diagnostic service. Starting from just £80, this service will give us the information we need to carry out practical, affordable repairs on your vehicle. Once the diagnostics have been completed, we will explain our findings to you before describing what repairs are required.

Seasoned Advice

Informed by more than 30 years of experience, our capable experts are on hand to offer any advice and guidance you may need. When you’re unsure about which repair route to go down, we’ll help you to make a wise decision that makes sense for you.

Specialised Repairs

The diagnostic and repair services we provide are specialised for Jaguar and Aston Martin cars of any model. Everything from a Jaguar E-Type to an XF is accommodated. With reliable access to manufacturers, we have ready access to authentic parts, making our repairs swift and convenient.

Affordable Rates

Simply put, the repairs we offer are more affordable than those you’ll find at main dealerships. Contact us for a free quote and see the difference for yourself.

Keeping You Informed

As with the car servicing we offer, the repairs we carry out are distinguished by a commitment to clear, open communication with our customers. We’ll work to keep you informed of our work’s progress, as well as the overall timescale of the job. You’ll enjoy direct contact with our team throughout the entire repair process.


Contact us today, in Ruislip, Middlesex, to learn more about our expert car servicing and vehicle diagnostics.